Monday, 3 October 2011

Emsworth Beacon amble..

"Amble" indeed in the winds we had on Sunday... couple that with the hottest October weekend since records began, a huge spring tide, and it was "fairly busy" in Chichester Harbour with not a lot of people except the dinghy's going anywhere fast!

Lovely to get out but but it really was only for the pleasure of being on the boat... I spent about two hours trying to get out of the entrance to Northney Channel, every inch I made forward I lost when I tacked back across the channel and was swept back towards the bridge... never mind... we'll dream of days like that all through the winter....

So here's the track - laugh if you will at the tacks...

It was quite good fun near Emsworth Beacon as there were some big dinghy fleets racing - not surprisingly one of the Lasers got into a conversation with me about the fact "he was racing" - he got short shrift (I was on starboard) but we ended up laughing about it - he was doing well in a light and fitful breeze and told me he was second...  hope he managed to keep the place!

Distance: 6.16 miles (cumulative total in the tab at the top of the page)
Wind: S - Force 2 (gusting 1...)!
Speed: Max speed was 4.7 knots which was definitely under engine, average speed was 2.1 knots....  ambling in spades I'd say....


In separate news, my club is running the RYA Yacht-master Theory course this winter and after having a quiet word with the instructor he tells me that in his opinion I shouldn't have any problems with it - he taught me on the day Skipper Theory class last winter so he should know...

Anyway, I'm now signed up for it, the course lasts 18 weeks (one evening a week), but it's good to have something sailing orientated to occupy myself through the coming winter..... I'm looking forward to it..


  1. "we'll dream of days like that all through the winter...."

    Certainly will, and that's just the ability to use the engine :~)

    I will free up some time soon for a beer and a chinwag... Last time we had a beer we were planning an early season meet up in Bembridge... Erm, maybe next year!

  2. Well done on signing up for your YM Steve! - you should of motored out of the harbour sunday, was blowing a huge F3 hehe - had one of best days ever back from Portsmouth!

  3. Phil - be good to see you... can't believe you're STILL having engine problems! :o)

    Graham - ha - may have felt like a force 3 with the tide, more like... Chimet shows the average for the afternoon as top end 2.... trust me the way that tide was running in the harbour I was NEVER going to get to the harbour entrance and get back to my mooring before the mud magically appears!