Monday, 8 October 2012

"Marker" tacking session....

Yee gods, it was good to be back on the boat...

First time out since the Bosham trip at the end of July (10 weeks ago!), a huge hole in the middle of the sailing season, but couldn't be helped.. if the weather had been better I'd have been out well before now..

As  it was the sun shone (for some of it), but blimey was it cold...

Nothing exciting - tacking practice again as only Chichester can teach you; when the channels are narrow, the tide is against you, the wind is light, and a slightly southerly SW'ly (if you know what I mean)

Little over two hours to Marker, carried on past for a while, but the sun was disappearing along with the wind  so I turned for a gentle run back to the mooring... lots of people out so some conversation as we drifted with various club members... oh, and good to meet you Chris - I'm still not convinced those oar things are a good idea.. 

Coffee needed more than the Coke today..
An afternoon of gentle exertions - much appreciated..  track for the day as follows:

Look at all those tacks!
Scores on the doors:

Distance: 8.57 miles (cumulative total in the 2012 mileage tab at the top of the page)
Wind: Force 1 gusting two .. south, must have been a little westerly in it as well...
Sail Plan: Full main, full jib..
Speed: GPS says max speed was 4.9 knots which was almost certainly under motor, average speed of 2.4 knots... 

An average video of an average day..  

...we're now just 20 miles short of our 2011 mileage, and lift out is the 21st October... can we do it??

View over my shoulder as I turned for home..


  1. Wow, that's a lot of tacks :o) Good to see you back on the water, at least the cold weather is good for maintaining ideal beer delivery.

    1. It was so cold I even *chose* coffee! :o)

  2. Two good arguments for "those oar things" right there! In our skiff we made it to Marker in 40 minutes partly because we didn't have to tack, and the exercise kept us nice'n'toasty....