Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

The weather has really turned around in the UK so I took the opportunity to slip out for a full Sunday afternoon tide... glad I did, though I almost didn't bother as it looked very light wind'wise while I was at home...

What I got was a beautiful sunny afternoon, with consistent top end force 3/low force 4 winds... lovely, and the perfect conditions for "Papillon" compared with recent weekends.

So - SW/southerly winds & a spring tide on the nose mean lots of tacks to get to the bottom of the harbour but I wasn't in a hurry.. just as well really - this is the track (click on this, or any of the other pictures, for a bigger view), you can count them but I tacked 18 times between 'Emsworth Beacon' and 'Marker'! To be fair I wasn't trying very hard though - and boat traffic was heavy so a few of the tacks were very short..

It was getting very busy as I got closer to HISC - this thing (an International Moth dinghy) always amazes me when I see it - so fast in these conditions....

..would love to have a go on one!

Looks like a flock of tropical birds, but it was actually a big race meet over towards Thorney Island (it turns out this was the second day of insurance4dinghies 2011 RS Tera National Championship) - loads of boats though...

Decided to head home for a beer and a cigar once I got to the Pilsey buoys (NW one this time).

Lovely run back, and just for once the bungee self steering held her straight while I legged it up onto the foredeck to start clearing away and putting on the sail cover - always amazing to be standing at the front of your boat while she sails herself...

By the time I got back to the mooring she was pretty much cleared away - time enough to enjoy a "Tanglefoot" and a cigar, along with a good book, before heading for home... perfect.

Distance: 10.52 miles (cumulative total over there to the left, but that takes me over 100 miles year to date)
Wind: SSW to SW - consistent top end Force 3, low Force 4 according to Cambermet
Speed: Max speed was 4.8 knots which was under sail (on the run back up the harbour), average speed was 2.8 knots.

Roll on the next sail - not sure when it will be though as I have an outboard maintenance course next Sunday - looking forward to it!


  1. Hello! you were out in the harbour the same time as me in my West Wight potter!

    Was a fantastic sunny afternoon,

    I was wondering how you rated your Fantasie 19, as i'm looking for something a little bigger than my potter 15, that feels safe out in the solent or around the IoW but still fun to sail and happy to dry out on a mud mooring on Hayling.

    Many thanks



  2. Gallan947 - not only that, but I remember seeing your West Wight Potter! I almost managed to get a picture but was overcome by the wind turbulence as that Moth went past... :o)

    I'll put up a post about her sailing qualities... always in need of something to put here.. :o)

  3. I must be easy to spot! i'm the one in the dodgy cowboy hat who looks like he has no idea what he's doing!, Saturday and Sunday were my first two days out in Chichester harbour, having recently stepped up from dinghy sailing on the Itchen, am loving your blog, reading it from the start I seem to be going through all the same things as you did!, you even launched at the same slipway at Wilsons :)