Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thorney Channel with the Red Arrows

Enough's enough - it's not been an outstanding season so far (but it's been pretty good love smileys), so I decided to take the day off work and go for a sail...

On the face of it the Metcheck forecast was perfect, sunny all day and force 2's and 3's (gusting 4) - what I got was a mostly grey (and cold!) day where there were more force 4's than anything else..

Started off well though - this is Terror in the sunshine at the top of the harbour... really must try to get out on her at some time.

Wind was very light at this stage but I had a plan to see how much of the Itchenor channel I could see on one tide, so I pushed on down the harbour with the mechanical donkey on full power until the wind kicked in around about Marker when I could thankfully turn it off and enjoy some peace...

So.. not a bad plot - first trip up the Thorney Channel this summer, it's lovely up there and I got almost as far as the sailing club.. hove to to take in a reef, and then back out into the maelstrom that is the Chichester channel on most days!

Lovely beat back to HISC and then a long run up the harbour - with a free show from the Red Arrows who were doing a display at Goodwood Festival of Speed...

Got back to the mooring with about 20 minutes to spare...

Distance: 13.46 miles (cumulative total over there to the left)
Wind: W to SW - started at Force 1 and ended up a solid Force 4
Max speed 4.8 (though I saw some 5's on the beat back to HISC), average speed 3.1 kn so fairly consistent speeds.

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