Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lift out...

...and so the 2010 season comes to an end as "Papillon" was lifted out last Sunday...

Fun day, no pictures I'm afraid, but certainly action packed - and a long one for the guys who man the tractor and hoist... the boats started coming out just before lunchtime and the last one was moved at about 6.. and this was the third solid day of boat movements! Never had any idea just how many there are in our club..

In my case I'd arranged for my lift out a couple of weeks ago, but true to form when I got there on the day there was no mention of me on the list of boats!

Not a problem though - I had nothing else scheduled so just asked to be tagged on the end which they were happy to do...

Despite concerns about massive lows and high winds, in the end we had a hot warm and sunny day (amazing for October, I actually went home sun burned), with a pretty solid force 4 (gusting 5 at times) easterly - again - perfect for our set up as the slip is sheltered from an easterly by the embankment carrying the road and bridge...

With a lot of time on my hands I had a pint and watched everyone working hard (they had plenty of people so I would just have got in the way) until the guy who had the mooring behind me mentioned he still needed to get his mast down - he owns a Westerly Jouster (that's one of them just above) so I volunteered.. we got it down, but I can't say it was the most controlled mast lowering I've seen!!

Happily no lasting damage done (he'll need to pop rivet one of the spreaders) - I liked his boat though - I'm used to the boat tipping when I walk down the side deck on Papillon, but despite only being a couple of feet longer the Jouster hardly twitched.. this guys also had the most amazing outboard - Tohatsu 8Hp two stoke - it started first pull and was SO quiet you could hardly hear it... sigh.... I could spend thousands if I had the cash!

...and that was largely it - a lift out to my boat was nice, and when I got the outboard started with no issues (an amazement given the hard time I gave it on the round Hayling) and I just took her in and grounded her on the slipway with the last of the ebb, before being lifted straight on to my trailer. Luxury!!

Lift in next year is the weekend of March 12th and 13th (and that's early), so only four and a half months to get the jobs done... next post will be on those, I've also started Day Skipper Theory (third week in) so a post on that - so despite the fact we're out of the water there's still plenty going on!

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  1. Always a bit of a sad day when the boats get packed away for season.