Monday, 15 November 2010

Job Update #2

Two new items added to the job list... not major but they need doing:

13. Replace bolts holding tiller - not stainless steel and beginning to rust..

14. Replace nuts & bolts for the sliding hatch with s/s; currently galvanised and beginning to rust


  1. Hi, really enjoying your blog. My list of jobs is somewhat longer but then I am doing a fairly major refurb. I have the same problem with lots fo screws that are not stainless or even brass, what possesses people to put steel fixings on a boat...?

  2. It's worse than that Andy - I put them in in the first place..!

  3. Laugh... I nearly fell over! They're a bit like disolvable stitches. You're just waiting til you can blow the remnents of the old bolts out and just slip in a shinny new stainless one ;D