Monday, 22 March 2010

Final push...

On the sailing front a huge amount of work has been done over the last couple of weeks; this weekend just gone the anti-fouling went on the bottom... by way of a glimpse at just how much, here's a before and after shot..



The Rubbing strakes (thats the wooden strip along the side to the uninitiated - and to be honest I still call them that!) have been wood treated (no I didn't do 18 coats!), tiller the same, standing rigging replaced, outboard is being serviced this week...
Classy or what, eh??

One final push this weekend should have us all set for the launch date which is....... next Monday (the 29th)!!! smilies


  1. Steve,

    I absolutely agree about figures in one rank. Double ranks for me too . . . otherwise they just don't look right.

    -- Jeff

  2. Steve,

    In our initial tests using standard Fire & Fury stands, players easily got confused because in Regimental F&F, a single line is supposed to be just that, a single line of troops, but the bases with two lines made it appear otherwise.

    We will be using different infantry stands for RF&F with 3 figures in a single line on a 15x25 base. Since the double line will probably be used 90% of the time, the two lines of troops should look correct.

    Scott MacPhee had his portion on his blog during his "250 ACW figures in a Week!" exercise. I have not started mine...

    Looking forward to hearing more.


  3. Hi Austin - we are agreeing I think... I am using the basing methodology described in the rules, but because as you say, 90% of the time in this game you would deploy in double ranks anyway, I cut out the middle man and deployed them permanently in that formation.. :o)

    I'll use a casualty marker to indicate when a base is lost - next hit and I remove a stand...

    If I do want to deploy in extended line I'll deploy with a stand width between each stand....

    I've not decided what to do with cavalry yet - but that's some way off yet anyway.... :o)

  4. Almost all of the "cavalry" in the ACW were really "mounted infantry" and fought as such (frequently dismounted).

    There were very very few actual cavalry actions as I recall.

    -- Jeff

  5. The Papillon looks fabulous - the hull clean up and painting came out fabulous and I'm sure you've added at least 2 knots to her speed.

    Is anti-fouling painting as insanely expensive in the UK as it is here in the States?

    I look forward to your first sailing report.

    We were out on the water this weekend - My son and I will be going to racing school in a few weeks - can't wait.

  6. Hi Miles - happily my sister works for Ancasta (the yacht brokerage and marina company) so I can usually blag (a Brit saying for "obtain"!) half empty tins from her - when the guys in the yard prepare a boat for a sale they usually throw the rest of the contents away if they don't finish the tin; these now make their way to me.. :o))

    It's a good job - the stuff I was using this weekend was Blakes Racing (a hard finish) and that currently sells in the UK for £90 for 2.5 litres... so about $135...! But most of them are about the same...

  7. Good man Steve. Glad to see you're making progress. I always enjoy playing old scenarios with new rules.

  8. We used to play a lot of the original F&F using TT Teasers and had some great games. I look forward to reading how it goes.

    As an aside, BwMS was my first wargames book and I've read those introductary games a gazillion times but to my sudden dismay, I'm not sure that I ever set it up and played it. Maybe 40 years ago, maybe? Oh dear, I'll add it to the list.

    and yes, your Papillon is indeed a classy lady.