Friday, 26 March 2010


My beloved, but aged (1990 vintage), Yamaha 4HP short shaft two stroke has been in for a service, but it being the time of the year it is the mechanic has been very busy. It went in two weeks ago and I got a call this afternoon that it was ready to pick up.... given that I'm launching on Monday that's cutting it fine...

So before she goes back in I need to:
  • Attach mooring chain to new buoy which requires me to..
  • fit new rowlocks to the tender so that I can row out to it
  • if the weather is OK I'll try and finish the tin of anti fouling by putting a second coat on the bottom of as much of the boat as possible
  • if I have time the jib will go back on to the furler, and
  • the boom/mainsail will go back on the mast
  • pick up outboard
  • get a tank of fuel
  • ...and and and

The picture by the way is launch day last year...

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