Sunday, 11 July 2010


Just a quick trip today as the tide times were such that I missed the first part of my "tidal window" (I can sail from the mooring two hours either side of the hight tide - may be a bit more on a spring tide) due to little'uns horse riding lesson..

So straight down the harbour as far as I could get, before turning back to get back on the mooring before the water disappeared..

Met up with these guys on the way back to the mooring - lovely boat..

Winds were south-south-westerly to start with - hence the beating up the harbour, but about half way down they went round a tad more westerly allowing me to head at the harbour entrance on one tack...

Hayling Island sailing Club - know to all as HISC for obvious reasons.. took this at my furthest point south just as I turned for home

Winds were force 4 gusting 5 - another windy day - very proud of myself as I had the gumption to reef before I went out, saving myself a whole load of effort later.. good move...

This is "Terror" [click here]the last surviving Chichester Harbour oyster boat - she dates from 1880 and has recently had an extensive renovation
Distance: 10.67 miles (cumulative score just over there to the left) top speed for the whole track was 4.5 knots which I think was probably while under engine..
Wind: Force 4 gusting force 5.

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