Saturday, 18 September 2010

Three seals...

The season seems to be coming to an end quickly here in the UK; the evenings are getting darker earlier, and we have dew in the mornings. Last night was the coldest so far this autumn, which isn't saying a lot when compared to the sub-freezing we had last winter, but it was definitely on the "cool" side... so what better time is there to make a rash decision to spend the night on the boat so that I can take advantage of the (very) early tide???

Unlike last time I had enough blankets this time - lovely and toasty, just couldn't get comfortable! Still two pints of Summer Lightning and some grill steaks - I was living high off the fat of the land... I also moved the boat over to one of the other club moorings in deeper water so I could get away quicker..

The sail itself was very quiet - forgot the camera so no pics - wind was very very light right up to about a couple of hours into the sail when it then came up quite quickly as a northerly force 3 (high end)..

Highlight was watching three seals on a mud bank doing what looked like callisthenics! Made me laugh - wish I'd got the camera... this isn't them but they're a damn close fit!

So - a brisk/short sail - just shy of 10 miles, wind NNW/NW'ly, force 3'ish...

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