Monday, 13 September 2010


No sailing this weekend - beginning to miss it badly! - reason being that I was in Newbury for the day on Saturday, and at the Southampton Boat Show on Sunday

..usually we get to the show on the second weekend when it has tended to calm down a little, this year we were there on the first weekend and it was absolutely packed... me, my brother in law (thanks for the tickets, sis!) and the two spuds had a great day... we must have walked miles as my feet ached like crazy by the end of it, but it was an absolute cracker of a day - the sun shone with a bit of a breeze to take the edge off..

Having parked in West Quay as usual (though I think I picked the wrong bit as it was very expensive!), we headed into the show..

Highlights... of the boats we went on, this was my favourite boat... also the most expensive... free smileys

..and yours [click here] for a mere £3,234,295... worth every penny.. ashamed smileys

...slightly more achievable was my second favourite of the day - this was only half a mil (sterling, natch..) - Beneteau Oceanis 58 World of difference between this one and the next size down in the range - build quality was good - excellent looking boat...

Who am I kidding - it would take a lottery win to own a bot like this, and two lottery wins to own the previous one - oh and another lottery win to pay for ongoing maintenance!

Brilliant day out - pint of Guinness at lunchtime, good company, loads of boats, a trip round this one (click on the picture to be taken to the details):

..and on top of that I got new running rigging for Papillon for only £15, and a bargain new kettle (current one too small)... ace! free smileys

So - back in the land of the living - I have some sailing on the cards this weekend, and two major events to plan for before the end of the season - hopefully a meet-up with Phil & Jelly Bean at Cowes at the end of the month, and a delivery trip to take Papillon round Hayling in time for my clubs lift out weekend on the 9th/10th October....

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