Sunday, 13 February 2011

Getting there...

Grabbed a couple of hours on the boat yesterday - the only good day of the weekend.

First coat of paint went on down below - in the end I went with SWMBO's suggestion of using bathroom paint on the grounds that it is made for humid/damp conditions, and also has mould resistant properties - both of which I guess are perfect for a boat! It looks a million times better even with just one coat of paint - I'll put another on next weekend and hopefully remember to take the camera as well..

Elsewhere, two jobs are crossed off completely - jobs 13 & 14 are done. An excellent half an hour at Seateach, who have a giant carousel of tiny draws all containing various stainless steel fastenings - very useful, and helpful people as well. Either way it all resulted in a bill of £2.96 (!) and all the fastenings required... I'll do that again when I need to!

This week I need to get the order in for job #18 - I'm going with epoxy for it's extra strength - slightly more expensive but money well spent I think. I need to get in touch with Jellybean Phil before I submit the order to ask his advice..

Launch date is tentatively set for March 21st...

Separately, some awful news from Phil - apparently Barley II broke loose from her moorings last week - she was the boat in the for sale section that had just found a buyer... really, really hoe this turns out OK. Phil thinks she may have filled with water...

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