Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Job #7 finally completed...

Two or three hours on Sunday saw me finally finish #7 on the list of work items for the winter ("Rip out old cabin lining below the shelving - take back to GRP, prime and paint - extend the paint into the quarter berths, and forward as required")

Blimey - hard work or what, but the paint is now slapped on - two coats on the sides (upper and lower), and three coats for the forepeak. All I need to do is scrape off some of the surrounds and it's (mostly) done... I say mostly, as I've left one area as is as I'll need to scrape it right back in order to do the deck repair (that's #18 on the list) anyway. While I was at it, though, I also did the anchor locker surround - what can I say it almost looks smart down there now!

Next on the list is that fibre glassing for the deck repair (#18 and hence the picture) - happened to speak to Jellybean Phil [click here] last Friday, the man is a diamond and has expressed an interest in giving me a hand... given that I've never glassed anything before, and he's done this exact job before, it was a huge weight off my mind... I know what I've got to do, but it's always easier when there's two of you to exchange idea's and thoughts... looking forward to it actually as I can see this GRP skill being very useful, there are one or two other places I can use it on at the moment.

Elsewhere, the subject of A frames was aired while chatting down the boat club on Sunday (it's not all hard work.... on Sunday they had Banks Bitter on so there was a pint of that and the opportunity for a chat whilst waiting for one coat to dry!) - one of the guys has offered me the loan of his handy billy [click here] which would save a significant amount of £'s - we may still manage to crack #12 - and if we do launching from the club side of the bridge, rather then the heart in mouth trip up the main road is a distinct possibility... I think we may well have to give it a go...

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