Sunday, 19 April 2009

.. oh dear...

... "oh dear"??

...well on Friday I went down to check the boat was OK and found it was not on the mooring and had been moved to another one.. no idea why... quite worrying...

..the tides being what they were the first opportunity I had to get down and check the boat was Saturday morning so after a 5:30 start (ouch!!) I found myself on the boat and holding the frayed end of the old mooring.. looks like it had frayed and broken at the point where it is secured to the big concrete block on the harbour bottom. She must have gone adrift, but some kind soul had rescued her and moored her safely - no idea who, but I owe them a beer as the boat seems undamaged in all respects! Whew..... now all I need to do is go mud wading to find the concrete block and repair the old mooring!

So - "oh dear" (and I can promise you what I actually said was slightly pithier that that..) but all's well that ends well - I have this Wednesday off and am planning my first solo voyage; fishing rod has been found, reel unearthed from the back of the attic (neither used for at least 20 years!) - should be fun..

Oh, and family had the first sailing trip last Monday - we hit nothing, broke nothing, no-one was seasick, the sun shone, the wind was ideal and they want to go again.. job done!

Distance: 3.5 miles (8.5 miles year to date)
Wind: light


  1. Phew, good news on the boat! All maritime trips with my parents in law are fraught with imminent disaster, so to have an incident free trip is a bonus!

  2. "Oh dear" indeed.

    As for the fishing reel . . . if it hasn't been used for that long, it might well do to replace the fishing line . . . old line tends to deteriorate a bit . . . I can remember my Dad replacing all of the line on his reels at least once every two years.

    And interestingly, Steve, we in the former colonies used to use "fishing rods" instead of trying to lug a whole "road" with us . . . *grin*.

    Have a grand trip!

    -- Jeff

  3. Are we sure it wasn't an enemy cutting out mission? Those dastardly Frenchies will try anything to increase their fishing quota!!

  4. Oh no it looks like I am getting dragged into the club's 15mm (I can't see them!)WS project. Your other blog has already been very useful!

  5. Looking nice, I am still not totally convinced by Chandlers idea that it was a good idea for the Duke to send all his messages by foot.

    Still what the hell, they look good and add a bit of character even if they do turn out to be footmen.

    By the way well done on motivating your crew, obviously a born leader.