Thursday, 14 May 2009

Too windy!....

On the sailing front, just a small trip last weekend - the wind was up and in the interests of ensuring that at least some of the family still wished to come out next time I decided to curtail the adventure!

Distance: 3 miles (23.5 miles year to date)
Wind: Moderate (force 3 gusting 4)


  1. Fantastic! And the flag is beautiful.

    Bets wishes


  2. Superb stuff. I tip my hat to your thoroughness on historical matters.
    Not much going on here, but I am gaming vicariously through my blog subscriptions!

  3. I like the flag and unit a lot, Steve. They look great.

    -- Jeff

  4. My God that is some flag.

    Go on, admit it you copied it from the 'Phil Olley book of BIG flags.'

    Lovely unit though and the flag just sets it off to perfection.


  5. John - I am a confirmed, fully paid up, life member of the Phil Olley big flag club.... :o))

    In scale terms it's about 12' square - so yes, it's at least twice as big as it should be!! With figures this small though it adds to the spectacle...

    Jeff - not forgtten your request in the first post re. a tutorial - I'd suggest a re-read of my horse painting post of last year..

    The first two steps are exactly the same, after that you just "paint" with the ink... the 'thicker' the white dampbush the more blue the colour will come out but in effect the blue hardly shows where you haven't dampbrushed so the figure almost "self shades".. being ink it's also much quicker to 'paint' with than paint....