Monday, 19 October 2009

So where did that week go!!

Difficult to believe that yet another week has gone by, but so it has, in fact, do you know it's Christmas in nine weeks time this Friday??!

Apologies for the lack of posts - part of the problem is that this is my first blog from a new PC. I've been meaning to upgrade for ages, but with life as hectic as it is I finally managed to get round to it on Saturday, and have spent the time since then putting it together - not in any physical sense, but reloading the software, applications and settings that make a computer your own... all done now though, and all I need to do is a refresh on the old machine to have finished the swapover. All takes time, however..

So what else have I been doing in the interim?? The week wouldn't be complete without at least a little jaunt on the water, and that was completed on Sunday...

A beautiful day, but no wind at all, hardly a breath in fact, and not enough to move us against the tide so I anchored up (with new kedge anchor!), got out the tea flask, and did a little fishing... caught nothing, but not a care in the world, trust me my friends there is nothing, simply nothing, like messing about in boats...

All the more sad as it has to end soon, and just another few weeks and out she comes - she needs some work doing on her so the timing is good....

Oh, and "Palmerston's Folly"??? Named after the Victorian forts that ring Portsmouth which were built at the behest of the aforesaid prime minister to counter the French threat posed by Napoleon III, this is a rather pleasant beer brewed by Suthwyk Ales and made using barley grown on their own farm on Portsdown Hill (site of at least three of the major forts).

As I was going to pick up the PC nearby it seemed churlish not to stop in at the Southwick Brew Shop [click here] and pick up a four pint cary out on the way home... an inspired decision, it was absolute nectar!


  1. I've only read one Scarrow novel (and I don't recall the title at the moment) . . . but at the time I felt like he'd lifted his dialog from WWII . . . the tale was good but I agree with you that his writing lacks the "feel" of ancient Rome.

    -- Jeff

  2. Depending on the route you take to Scotland there is always a chance to visit Flodden Field (and wonder how on earth armies fight on ground so steep). Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world and never fails to delight. A long Sunday walk up Arthurs Seat and then food at any one of a number of good restrautants at the top end of Princes Street.

  3. Steve - Many thanks for letting me see what the Peter Pig (Sudan) figs. look like. And yep, I think they WILL fit in with the Minifigs Pathans I already have (especially if I jumble them altogether).
    By the way, I published your last comment on my blog (about the photo shown here) but for some unknown reason it simply didn't appear in the "Comments" section. However, I did read it and that's why I'm here. Thanks again.


  4. I'm still half way through the previous Roman Scarrow and have now stopped twice. I loved the earlier ones set in Britain but can't help thinking that the later ones are less gripping.

  5. We often walk the dog at Bannockburn. She is getting on a bit now but enjoys the short trot from the carpark and once around the the statue of The Bruce.

    If you haven't been to Stirling Castle that is a must. Linlithgow Palace is very prety on the small Loch. Blackness castle is worth half an hour.

    You will probably be too busy to game but if you are interested the Falkirk club meets on a Monday night