Monday, 5 April 2010

First sail of the year..!

A few repairs done and the jib put back up, and first sail of the year under my belt, though just a short one.. not a bad day!

Basically a gentle run to the end of the channel was what I planned - what I got was a force 4 gusting 5.. so jib only, and watch what I was doing - and it was great fun! So good to be out again after the winter...

Also got to play with the new GPS (Garmin GPS 72) - that's the downloaded track above.. and then I found out you can load it into Google Earth - not only do I now get a detailed distance sailed, it also tells me what my best speed was (just less than five and a half knots - but I may have been motor assisted at the time!) interesting to see that I was clocking up 4 knots at times with just the foresail though...

Distance: 3.4 miles (3.4 miles year to date)
Wind: Force 4 gusting force 5.

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