Tuesday, 27 December 2011

That was the year that was... 2011

Last year I did a review of my 2010, I enjoyed putting it together so much I decided to do the same for my 2011...  it's a good excuse to review and read all the posts, video and pictures from this years logs....and brings next summers sailing a little closer! smiley emoticons

Like a spider dipped in blue ink and left to wander all over Google Earth - here's where Papillon went this year - click again for slightly bigger views of the pictures in this post:

...and this time with the two trips out to the Nab - one successful, one not!

...so many times up and down the harbour she almost knows her own way now...

...and the following in "Ami-Ly" as part of the training for the Round the Island we finally finished late in the season!


Number of visits down to the boat: 17 (one less than last year) but once again if you count all the times I visited in the mornings/evenings while she was on shore (usually two to three times a week), and the days I worked on her pre-season - easily triple that...smiley emoticons

Total distance sailed: 193.41 miles; this compares with 154.23 miles in 2010, and 125 miles in 2009... another increase - indicative of the fact that I'm more confident, and as a result taking her further..  that will carry on 2012 - my target for next summer is Cowes...

Nights on board: 0 - I had plans to make her more comfortable for 2011 (new cabin cushions etc.) which never reached fruition but that aside she's already comfortable enough, I just never got round to staying overnight..!

Crew on occasion: 1 daughter - youngest - she's good company but says sailing is "boring"... smiley emoticons

Cruising range: The mooring in the west, Printead/Thorney in the East and the Nab Tower to the south... my mooring is also as far north as I can go..

Biggest Cruise: The Nab Tower (29 miles in one day!)...

Best Cruise: So hard, as 2011 was brilliant - but probably down to a choice of two the trip to the Nab was monumental (there'll be others out there laughing at this, but it was a big deal for me!), but also the last cruise of the season up the Thorney Channel; just the right amount of breeze, some sunshine, and your own boat..

Worst cruise: Goes to Easter Monday - what a disaster! smiley emoticons

Oddest cruise: Round the Island race - not on Papillon but it was still one weird day...  on Papillon it would have to be Easter Monday again!

Best anchorages: None... didn't anchor this year...  really need to do something about that, I've never anchored in all the years I've had her!

Best mooring: My own.. smiley emoticons

Worst mooring: None... they're all good when you need a cup of tea!

Plans for next year: Cowes and the Folly (on my own boat!) - there was talk after the Round the Island of taking Ami-Ly over to Cherbourg - that'd be good!

2011 sailing mileage:
  • 2nd April : 7.9 miles - force 1 or 2 gusting 4
  • 10th April : 7.24 miles - force 1 or 2 SSW going SSE - tack, tack, tack
  • 22nd April : 10.26 miles - force 1 or 2 SE - Round Hayling Windsurf race day
  • 25th April : 2.33 miles - force 4 N - Bad luck comes in 3's!
  • 9th May : 3.2 miles - force 4 (and gusting) SSW - shear pin!
  • 15th May : 8.16 miles - force 4 gusting 6 NW - Double reefs
  • 16th May : 40.8 miles (not included in the total) - race training on "Ami-Ly" in the Solent
  • 2nd June : 10.02 miles - SE Force 2 (occasionally gusting 3) - Heaving to practice
  • 10th June : 27.99 miles - between SW & NW Force 0 to Force 4 (occasionally gusting 5) - Nab Tower ... almost
  • 30th June : 13.46 miles - W - mostly Force 4 - Thorney Channel
  • 3rd July : 10.52 miles - S/SSW - low Force 4 - NW Pilsey
  • 9th August : 28.99 miles - NNW/NW - Force 4 ending Force 3 - Nab Tower Redux
  • 14th August : 12.86 miles - SWW - Force 3 ending Force 4 - West Pole Beacon jaunt
  • 21st August : 11.95 miles - WSW - Force 4 gusting 5 - East Head meander
  • 29th August : 9.12 miles - NW to WNW - Force 3 gusting 4 - Maricel spotted..
  • 24th September : 10.36 miles - S to SE - Force 1 gusting 2 - Stoke Point meandering..
  • 2nd October : 6.16 miles - S - Force 2 - Emsworth Beacon amble..
  • 7th October : 75 miles (not included in the total) - Round the Island on "Ami-Ly"
  • 16th October : 12.89 miles - SW/SWW - Force 2 gusting 3 - Prinstead Channel testing self steering.

Year total: 193.41 miles

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