Saturday, 23 April 2011

Round Hayling..

As I was unable to get out last weekend I was really looking forward to getting out on the water this weekend.

First though some excellent service from Home Marine at Emsworth Yacht Harbour where Bill fitted the replacement eBay tank for free. He said he guarantees all his work and clearly the spot welding hadn't sealed the tank so it was only right that he fitted the new one; top bloke, great service, thoroughly recommended. One thing I have noticed is that if anything, the motor starts more easily with the new tank - less choke needed, and for a shorter period.. clearly the fuel flow is better.

Either way - engine back on board and we were ready to go.. beautiful weather (has been all weekend here in the UK) but wind still south easterly & not brilliantly windy - force 2'ish - so I decided to motor to the end of the channel to maximise sailing time...

When I got there I met this lot travelling round.. HISC Round Hayling Windsurf race

Been a long time since I windsurfed round the island for fun - I think I'd need a bigger, floatier, board than I used to have as well..! Interesting to see the new designs - the new boards are shorter and much wider than the one's I used to race.. looking at the results there were a lot of DNF's (Did Not Finish) so I'm assuming that the lack of wind, coupled with tide at the entrance to Langstone Harbour, probably wreaked it's usual vengeance...

Beautiful afternoon to be on the water, and the channel was very busy.. when I got to "Marker" (about half way down the main channel to Emsworth) I was overtaken by a couple of older sailors in a 25 footer - absolutely over on it's beam ends which given it was only a force 2 was interesting.. went screaming past me as I tacked to go back into the main channel, I looked back and it was like he was on a giant elastic band... run aground at speed.... ouch.... no more than quarter of an hour to high tide.... Harbour Master gave him a pull off in the end and I saw them motoring down the harbour so all's well that ended well.

Distance: 10.26 miles (cumulative total over there to the left)
Wind: ESE or SE - Force 2.. Maximum speed 4.7 knots (under motor) I saw a few 2.5's & 3's under sail, average speed 2.8 knots...

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