Saturday, 2 April 2011

First cruise... NE Pilsey...

...and we're off... no one killed, no one died, nothing broken, nothing hit... result! free smileys

Forecasts for the weekend are pretty much the same for both days but given that tomorrow is Mothers Day here in the UK I decided to grab some time on the water today...

Track is as follows - you can click on it for a bigger view..

Separately - where's my windex gone????!

Looked up the mast as I raised the sail and it's gone! So OK, it's been a little windy this week, I wonder if I might have knocked it off when I came under the bridge....??? Thoughts are turning to alternatives, the mast is not coming down until the end of the season, full stop, so thinking either a temporary mount on the push-pit for another, or the tried and trusted ribbons on the side stays.... free smileys

Distance: 7.9 miles (cumulative total over there to the left)
Wind: SW - Force 1 or 2, occasionally force 4 for periods of time... funny old day!
Maximum speed 4.8 knots (under motor I'm guessing but I saw a few 3.8's under sail), average speed 2.4 knots...

All in all though, a brilliant days sailing - smallest little'un and I had a good chat, and I was really impressed with her helming - up until now she's always been a bit worried, but today she took the helm while we were sailing as well as under motor...

Boat held together, and during the gusts we made some good speed..already looking forward to the next trip

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