Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Shakedown cruise....

So on Sunday, with not a little trepidation, but accompanied by smallest little'un, we departed for a shakedown cruise... click on any of the pictures for a gratifyingly bigger view, by the way....

..and this is the track - a four hour trip (start of tide to end of tide), at an average speed of 3 knots (best speed 4.5, but I suspect that was probably under engine coming back!), and a distance of just over 13 and a half miles... the mark labelled "003" is actually the CamberMet pole [click here], a local weather station...

Best, best, best of all though, we ran into Rod (not literally!! ), the friend who had helped with the launch and mast raising, just off HISC [click here] in his own boat... pure luck, but he had his camera with him, and the following were the result...

Very pleased with them... chuffed isn't in it! we sailors like to see pictures of our own boat... laughing smileys

We returned to the mooring, tired, slightly sunburnt, and happy - nothing broke, nothing hit, boat behaved impeccably... no idea who this last boat is by the way, but we spotted her while we were out, and she was absolutely beautiful (nice picture little'un)!

Optimist open meeting, racing off of HISC...

Distance: 13.65 miles (cumulative score just over there to the left) fighting against the wind to the bottom of the harbour and a lovely run back..
Wind: Force 2 to 3, occasionally gusting force 4.


  1. woo-hoo!
    congrats on a successful shakedown cruise. I like the picture from the starboard aft point - she heels nicely!

  2. Ditto the congratulations, Steve.

    -- Jeff

  3. Congratulations! Looks like a splendid day on the water. Little worrisome where the track appears to take a short cut across a head land. Satellite photo shows low tide I presume?

  4. Thanks chaps... much appreciated as always, and yes it was a cracking day out, sunny and breezy - unusual in my experience!

    Ross Mac *good* spot, and yes the sat photo was taken at low tide... coastline is just to the west (right), guess I must have had a couple of metres underneath - couldn't see the bottom anyway!

  5. Great to (literally) see her back on the water. I'm so impressed that she now graces the title page on the website.8~}