Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's cold!!

It's hard to believe that only 7 weeks separates this, which was the last major sail of the year,in (t)shirt sleeves...

..from this..

..and this, which was taken this morning when the temperature was still -2' C!

The UK is going through an unseasonal cold patch - we don't normally get this kind of weather until January or February which had lead me to think of contents of "Papillon's" bar.. yes, she does have one..

Sub-zero temperatures do nasty things to pressurised cans of beer, and not wanting to have a major clean-up on my hands I decided to go and empty the bar on my way to work..

This was what I came away with....

.. what can I say - it was a hot, dry summer..


  1. Empty the bar.... You should've said; I'd have given you a hand :D
    Looks cold, we still haven't had more than few flakes down in Dorset.

  2. Hi, call that snow we have had over 12" and I had to brush it off the roof of my marquee covering the boat as it was in danger of breaking. I think it has bent one of the ridge poles anyway. Roll on Spring when I can do some worthwhile jobs.

    A beer would be nice though.