Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quick visit & Christmas presents...

Went down to see "Papillon" yesterday, I usually go and see her at least two or three times a week as it's only a short detour on the cycle from my usual route to work... the difference this time was that I actually went aboard to check everything was OK down below as well. I'd spotted that one of the solar panels had come loose so it seemed like a good excuse...

Everything was well - a bit of water in the bilges (from condensation and dripping windows I guess), but 10 seconds with the electric bilge pump cleared that.

Kind of itching to get working on her - at the very least I need to start sourcing some foam for the cushions soon, if I'm going to get those done this winter!

On the plus side I have two or three days off next week and I have the promise of a loan pressure washer; this time next week I hope to have her bottom scraped & cleaned (ready for the anti-foul *), and I also hope to have replaced the topping lift - the new one is sitting in the car waiting. I also still need to do some day-skipper revision!

Later dudes...

* Top notch Christmas present this year from my sister by the way - a big tin of two part anti-foul, enough for this year and next!

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