Sunday, 20 March 2011

All done....

All done.... but for the record...

  1. My mother-in-law has offered to sew me up some new cushions for the cabin to replace the current one's which I think must be original... going to settle for one and do the rest next year!
    1. Find the material - needs to be waterproof'ish but sew-able
    2. Find the foam - this stuff is priced like gold dust.. more web research is required!

    I binned this idea - I simply didn't have the time - having done all the structural jobs now though (standing/running rigging and the GRP reinforcement), that will give me some time next winter - so maybe then...

  2. New s/s shackle for where the bottom of the cunningham (down-haul to us unrepentant windsurfing types!) connects to the bottom of the mast - currently a nasty galvanised job - done
  3. New s/s shackle for the top of the jib where it connects to the roller furling foil - currently a very small shackle with split pin - not up to the job - done
  4. Small plastic eye to whip into the end of the new topping lift - done
  5. Replace/renew topping lift - done
  6. Replace/renew jib halyard - all done here
  7. Rip out old cabin lining below the shelving - take back to GRP, prime and paint - extend the paint into the quarter berths, and forward as required.

    All done - from this...
    To this...

    Now that looks a bit better! dog products

  8. Investigate cabin lining forward to see if I can make an interim repair that's neater than fourteen strips of gaffer tape!

    See previous - no way to do it neatly so ripped it all out and gave it three coats of white bathroom emulsion..
  9. Re-splice rope to anchor for main anchor - looking worn and slightly frayed..
    Not done.. yet.... I'll do this when I'm on the water this summer.
  10. Finish off the electrical connections for masthead and deck light that I put back together earlier in the summer but haven't tested - need to confirm positive - done
  11. Rub back and refresh the varnish down below, and on the washboards - do this after the painting
    Not done.. ran out of time...
  12. Build "A" frame for easier mast lowering and raising - two bits of three by three, hinged with an eye bolt, and with a big lump of pulley and tackle should make raising and lowering the mast a whole lot easier - and may mean I can take advantage of the club lift in rather than having to trundle the trailer along the road.. this is not a high priority item - the advantage is it can be built at home in spare time.
    All done here
  13. Replace bolts holding tiller - not stainless steel and beginning to rust - all done
  14. Replace nuts & bolts for the sliding hatch with s/s; currently galvanised and beginning to rust - all done
  15. Remove old (and now defunct) solar panel from back of boat - done - and yesterday I glassed over the old screw holes to make the hatch water tight..
  16. Clean bottom of boat and remove old marine growth/mud etc.
    all done here
  17. Anti-foul: All done yesterday - two coats and looking very smart!

  18. Repair deck by port shrounds

    This was the one I was most happiest with - huge amounts of thanks to Jellybean Phil for starting me off - background is that it looked like the deck was lifting slightly by the port side shrouds. Three layers of epoxy, and a coat of white emulsion later and I have piece of mind and a new skill under my belt... I can now glass fibre (well kind of dog products)!

  19. Outboard service - done
  20. Treat the bottom of the wing keels with Hammerite
    All done here
  21. Fix leaking windows - hmm - all done but there's still abit of a drip! dog products

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  1. Well done :D I'll be listening out for the splash as she goes back in.