Sunday, 1 April 2012


Done... absolutely knackered but she's ready to go in...

Busy, busy week....

  • Tender finished - some items not on the list but needed doing anyway.. pipe lagging (fendering) replaced, woodwork painted and re-bolted/screwed, wood on trailer replaced..
  • Mast down ready for the launch - confidant enough to do that on my own with the A frame... Windex reattached... aerial bracket bent back down so as not to be in the way.. NB. May need new aerial next year, cable was scored from its contact with the bridge at lift out last winter,I've repaired it for now with amalgamating tape - we'll see if this is good enough.. also fitted an additional pulley and halyard, and checked all pins/fittings are good..
  • Pick up buoy now on the mooring (b.t.w. new mooring this year is brilliant!) and tender moved back to pen..
  • Cockpit tidy constructed/painted and ready to use.. really chuffed with this... pictures of this and other stuff later...
  • Tiller extension fitted...
  • Cockpit cleat re-fitted (was only attached with screws!) and sealed..
  • Amplifier wired in and working - delighted with this...
Wash and scrub up required, but she's ready for another season...   fair winds!!
PS. First plans being made for the intrepid Round the Island crew to reconvene and cross the channel to Cherbourg in June - now that'll be fun!


  1. Wooohoo.. Ready to rock n roll.

  2. Come on... I'm waiting in ant.................... isipation for the launch upodate.