Monday, 14 May 2012

Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day...

...the forecasts showed force 4 but in the event I think we had a little more....

...finally got out for our first cruise of the season, and not bad for a shakedown...  no breakages, no issues, and so good to be out again...

...littl'est person joined me for this one which is always a pleasure..  she's turning into one mean helms-woman and helmed all the way from the mooring to just shy of Hayling Island Sailing Club at the mouth of the harbour...  not bad as it was a beat all the way which, with the exception of a couple of tacks, she managed to do in one.... she then borrowed my Henry Lloyd and disappeared inside it for a snooze on the way back!

...very gusty old day, two mast slides worth of reef on the main, full jib - but she was a handful in the gusts. If you'd asked me straight afterwards I would have said - no way was that a 4... some of the gusts were a handful.... turn out I was right and Cambermet shows that for the time we were out it was a bottom 5 consistently, gusting top end 5....  wind SSW so she did well on that big single beat following the second tack...!

So - what about the numbers???  GPS showed...

Distance: 8.55 miles (cumulative total in the 2012 mileage tab at the top of the page) - not bad in just a bit over a couple of hours!
Wind: SSW - bottom Force 5, gusting top end 5 at times
Speed: GPS says max speed was 5.2 knots, with an average speed of 3.1 knots....  at times though I was seeing 6 knots and even at one point 6.3 knots...  tide assisted clearly, as that's across the ground, but even so....!


  1. Not sure about your thoughts on boat speed! Surely if the GPS says your max was 5.2 over the ground your visuals of 6 plus must be into it - i.e. a 1 knot plus tide?

  2. It's an interesting thought, Paul...

    I have to admit I've always assumed those brief hits of faster speed are just happening *between* GPS samples.... I'm not sure how often my GPS samples, but I think it's either 10 or 15 seconds (don't have the manual with me), so if I can't maintain that phenomenal burst of speed for that long - it just gets lost, as the sample before it and after it are more usual....

  3. Glad to see you made it out. It's been an awful start to the season. I think your right about the sample rate. I know I've seen higher speeds on the display than it shows on the log.
    Looking forward to July

  4. Shame I couldn't get a pic as you passed us in Mabel on your way to the mooring...must try and remember my camera!

  5. Hi Chris - thanks for that.. you guys were looking good as we went past!