Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Apologies for the qualities of the pictures, it was a bit of a grey day, but the following is of Papillon the day after the launch..

We got lucky with the rain - we didn't have any until we were successfully tucked up in the pub with the job done...

So how did it go?? OK... managed to get the boat from the club to the slipway up the main road without any issues or problems, on to the slip, and eventually off the trailer and out to the mooring...

Lessons learned??
  1. Get the fenders, and anything else you need, out before removing all the chocks as it means you then can't get into the boat without it tipping the trailer fore and aft..
  2. Take the trailer as far down the slip as you can, but when you come to lift the trailer off the towing ball remember to run a rope from trailer to towing ball first so as to control the speed with which the trailer wants head off down the slipway!
  3. Tide was coming in with wind behind it - a mooring line from the back of the boat to one of the upwind pilings at the side of the slip way would have helped get the boat of the trailer in a more manageable manner...
So - could have done it better, but I reckon a good 7 out of 10... & the boat is back in the water just in time for some serious wind and rain this evening! Good job she's moored (new mooring) with 6mm chain, and a hawser for backup... but I'll still be going down there tomorrow morning on the way to work to make sure she's OK!

Oh, and by the way - the job list from the last post?? Did them all except the jib...!


  1. Enjoy your boat . . . but don't forget to wargame too.

    -- Jeff

  2. That soft bottom must degrade your anti foul pretty quickly? Do you get much weed over there?