Saturday, 8 May 2010

The meaning of BOAT... sister tells me that the meaning of BOAT is "bring out another thousand", having seen the quote that has now arrived I'm inclined to think she may actually be right!!

It's in the hands of the insurers now but the repair company have given two options - a new mast (which is their recommendation) or repair the old. The repair option comes in at about £1200, the new mast option comes in at about £1800.... ouch!!!!

Oh, and that's excluding VAT!

What on earth will the insurers say???

I'm off to Southampton Boat Jumble tomorrow - may be that will cheer me up!


  1. If boat means 'Bring Out Another Thousand' then surely YACHT is 'Your Account Can't Handle This!'

  2. Another classic description of a boat is "a hole in the water into which you shovel money".

    Good luck with your searches, Steave.

    -- Jeff