Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Quote is with the assessor..

..fingers crossed...

The quote from Chris came in yesterday and I banged it off straight away to the insurers..

Bad news is that the quote was bigger by some margin than the ad hoc quote he did me on the night, the good news is that it is still half the previous quote I had so well within the insured value of the boat...

I also managed to shave some costs out of the quote by being able to provide some of the parts myself (the roller furling sleeves), and by getting everything ready to go myself - I also said I would transport the mast to Chris's factory unit, but I may well let him collect anyway and I'll pay for that rather than the insurers..

...just got to wait now...

Picture is of "Barley II" by the way - no motor or trailer, but does have roller furling, and the owner is willing to do a deal for around the £500 mark...bargain! Contact details over there to the left in the "For Sale" section..

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