Monday, 24 January 2011

..and yet more jobs done....

Further work this weekend in the cabin - to be honest I think I've broken the back of it now, which is just as well as when I got up this morning I thought I'd broken my back! Free Happy Smileys

You may remember that the cabin when I left it looked like the following:

...but it's a lot better now - if I work on it this weekend I'll take the camera and get an updated photo but I don't want to do it until I've finished cleaning it so we have a true before and after shot..

This weekend I removed the cabin lining on the starboard side (upper and lower ie. underneath and above the shelving) and completed cleaned off the upper side (round the windows etc) removing all the old glue and flaking paint (the paint was from prior to the vinyl cabin lining).

I also made a start on the forepeak - the black stuff I was confused about is actually a glue foam mix, and is coming off nicely with the help of an old wood chisel that I'm using as a scraper; I would say that the forepeak is two thirds done now, so only the lower starboard side to do and there's not much of that as the "galley" takes up a half of that side...

The cable you see in the picture hanging down on the left hand side turns out to be the power for the navigation lights on the pulpit - it's all very clever - the wire goes forward, into the anchor locker and then up through the deck into the inside of the tubing of the pulpit - very neat.

The TV coax cable remains a bit of a mystery - I need to trace the cable but it's going towards the stern - I have one of these (to the left) on the aft deck and I'm wondering if it was anything to do with that... emergency VHF aerial perhaps?

Other news...
  • I've decided to rein back on work item #1 (the new cushions) - it's going to have to wait for next year as I have too much to do this year to be able to fit it in.... for this year I'll settle on a single cushion to lay on top of the existing. I'll update the work item soon as SWMBO has just reminded me that I could also steam clean the existing ones as that would smarten them up no end...
  • Work item #21 added - the windows have always leaked like sieves, and I'm fed up with it - have just got hold of some Captain Tolley following various recommendations about the place - hopefully a quick win!
  • I was contacted this week by a previous owner of "Papillon" who finally managed to identify the interesting stainless steel construction on the aft deck which has always puzzled me... can just see it on the deck - a metal plate with a couple of bolts, and what looks like a rudder pintle below it on the transom. Either way, he tells me it was for a depth and speed log, but he can't remember the make... hopefully we'll meet up soon to have a chat over a beer - always interesting to find out what your boat has done in a previous life! Free Happy Smileys


  1. Hi Steve, The creeping crack cure is for sealing hair line cracks in the windows and stopping them from growing. I'm assuming the water is coming in through the rubber 'Claytonrite' seal. Better off taking the windows out, clean the windows and seals then refit using proper automotive window sealer. If the window and apperture are not exactly a top notch fit then the Claytonrite can be packed with rope before sealing. If you need a hand I can do this for you, it'll take less than an hour for all four windows... Trust me, I used to be a windscreen fitter :o)

  2. Oh yes! Want to save that offer for slightly later - like next month some time???? Was thinking we might kill two birds and have a go at the fibre glassing on the hull at the same time.... we'll need something to do between layers.... lunch on me at the Ship???? :o))

    PS. I have a bag full of new rubber seal in the garage that came with the boat if we need it...

    PPS. Before we wip them out however, I may have a go at them with straight bathroom silicone sealant as you can see daylight through the top join where the rubber meets!