Saturday, 8 January 2011

Some work done, and an answer...

I've had the week off this week, and with the growing awareness of launch date fast approaching, and only one day this week looking any good weather'wise I went down and spent Tuesday working on "Papillon"...

First off - it was a good day...

Items 3, 5, and 6 are now completed from the list, but I still have some of the big one's to do and very little time left until launch date, and I'm also going to have to add a fairly major item, so this has prompted a re-think, and re-prioritisation of which more anon....

The best job to get finished though was the clean of her bottom - when I bought her out at the end of last season the bottom was comparatively clean, but I did have a fair number of barnacles.

Thinking about this I think it was because I had to bring her out for a couple of months after she was dis-masted last year.

I have a suspicion the anti-foul would have lost some of it's protective qualities while out of the water. Most paints say you have to launch within a couple of weeks after painting, maybe I should have repainted her before I launched.

Either way I was expecting a bit of hard work, but with the gentle application of a wallpaper scraper they came off as sweet as a nut - clearly the time since bringing her out had resulted in them dying. Best of all though I'd managed to borrow a pressure washer and an hour later she was as clean as a very clean thing..

Ready for the anti-foul in a couple of months...

While I was down I also took the opportunity to fire up the outboard in the tank - happily even after the better [art of almost four months she started up and ran cleanly... I'll be booking her in for a service at the beginning/first half of next month.

I've bought the cabin cushions home - originally this was going to be for measuring for item 1/. in the worklist but as I mentioned above I have decided to re-prioritise; I also bought the battery home for a quick re-charge....

Not a bad day, but now the bad news...

I noticed at the end of last season that when I bough her ashore the deck seemed to be lifting on the port side just about where the shrouds are anchored to the deck - when Jellybean Phil came to visit at the end of the day he confirmed my worst fears with the news that the deck was parting from the hull in that area, as exactly the same thing had happened to "Jellybean" - apparently this is a known weakness in boats of this age and make.

The fix for the deck lifting is relatively simple but sounds scarey - basically I lessen the tension on the side shrouds for the mast, put some load straps (with tensioning ratchets) over the top of the boat using the trailer each side as anchor points - get some wood to act as a base and then ratchet the straps tight over the wood so as to force the deck closed. When I've done that I then grind out the bad fibreglass behind the fracture to a clean fresh edge, and lay five or six layers of new glass over the join - once it's dry we should have a nice strong sealed edge..

Like I said - scarey... but it needs to be done...

Just to make matters better though as I said Jellybean Phil had come over to go to a local supplier to pick something up - it turned out that having come all this way they were shut, but as a good end to the day he and I repaired to the "Bridge Tavern" for a couple of pints and a yarn - good to see you, Phil!

Not such a bad day then...!


So how did you do on the depth question????!


Current height of the tide 2.6m

- Low water 0.8m

= Fall of tide 1.8m

Current depth 4.0m

- Draught 2.0m

= Current clearance 2.0m

- Fall of tide 1.8m

= Clearance at low water 0.2m

Seemples.... I think..... d'oh....

There's more to practice on here [click here]if you fancy having a go..

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