Wednesday, 5 January 2011

RYA Day Skipper

After a Christmas and Tew Year hiatus it was back to the books last night as the Day Skipper theory classes started again...

Our instructor had warned us before we went on holiday that we'd have an exam when we got back so as I have the whole week off (using up holidays) I hit the books yesterday big time... the Day Skipper Theory course has two exams, the one last night was Chart Work and Plotting, by far the more complicated of the two I think...

Suffice to say, that I was quite happy with how I did but true to form I did transpose one of my bearings (had the damn plotter upside down smiley emoticons), one of the other guys was an hour out on his tidal workings, one of the other guys got his dead reckoning mixed up with his course to steer, but despite a total bu**er of a fourth question on "clearance", all of us passed... We have another exam paper to do, but this is a general one (no chart work required) and I have to say it's a massive relief to have completed it...

We move on to pilotage next week (buoys and the like) but will I ever understand "clearance" do you think???? I doubt it, so for your delectation, have a go at this one...

A boat with a draught of 2.0m anchors. The Echo sounder shows the depth is 4.0m (from the surface to the sea bed), and the current height of the tide is 2.6m. If low water will be 0.8m. What will be the clearance under the keel at low water?

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  1. Either:


    So 8 inches then :D
    Lets try this in the world of Fantasie 19's
    A boat with a draught of nee high to a grass hopper anchors. The boat hook touches the bottom with water lapping the handle. The tide hieght is 2.6m. If low water is 0.8m is it worth putting the kettle on or should you just put your wellies on and go for a walk.